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Interior Design in New Homes

Congratulations, you’ve signed the contract on your new custom home! But do you panic when your builder asks you to make selections? Where do you begin? How can you pick tile if you don’t know what the countertops will be? How do you pick paint colors if you have no idea what your cabinets will look like? 



To help make your selection process easier, follow this order: 

First, select your appliances. That way, when you create your cabinet design, you will have the right dimensions. 

Second, if your builder does not have a designer or architect to draw the cabinet plans for you, hire one yourself. You can use online resources like Upwork or Fiverr. Create a design board with photos of cabinet inspirations, and even colors or styles you like, to share with your cabinet designer on Houzz or Pinterest. This will help the two of you work together to create the functionality and aesthetics you are looking for in your trim design. 


Third, set a few days aside to make your finishing selections. Grouping them into these categories will help make the process less stressful and seamless:

Day 1) Tile and countertops 

Day 2) Plumbing, lighting and hardware (Doing these together makes it easier to match the lighting finish to the plumbing finish, etc.)

Day 3) Paint colors and wood floor 

The great thing about building with Oak and Willow Design + Construction is that we have an on-staff designer who can walk you through this process and get the drawings completed for you. We try to make the selection process as fun and painless as possible. Now that you’ve got everything selected, your builder will be able to start on your project with all the answers he or she needs, and your project will go more quickly and smoothly. 

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